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21 December 2016

How to understand lanyards and order the correct ones for you and your business.

When it comes to ordering lanyards for your event or office, there are such an array of choices and options, that it can seem a pretty daunting task! To help you make the right decision we have put together some key things to consider:

Plain or Printed

plain-15mm-lanyardsThe first thing to decide is if  you want your lanyards to be plain or branded with a logo design or text. Printed lanyards are an ideal way to promote your corporate branding or marketing message. They can be used as an excellent sponsorship opportunity for your event.

Plain/unprinted lanyards are available in a wide choice of colours or can even can be produced to order in a pantone matched colour.

Type of Material

When choosing the most suitable type of material for your lanyards, this may be determined by the environment in which they are to be used and how hard-wearing they need to be etc. However, in most cases it comes down to personal preference. The most frequently used materials are:

Flat Polyester – this material has a woven feel to it and can have a large print area. The Polyester has a matt finish and is available in a selection of stock colours or can be dyed to pantone match.

Tubular polyester – a rugged, more chunky looking material which can still be printed on with good definition.

Nylon – a smoother, shinier alternative to the other materials with a luxurious feel.

Satin Applique – this has a high quality look and feel as the thread is woven into the satin, it Is smooth and can also be pantone matched.

Method of branding

lanyards-servicesIf you have decided to include a logo or branding on your lanyards then there are a number of ways in which this can be done. This will depend on what you need printing, if logo of text, and the design of your logo.

Screen printed – the inks are printed on to the surface of the lace which results in a slightly raised texture. This makes the logo/design clear and defined on the lanyard.

Dye Sublimation – the ink is sublimated into the lace during the manufacturing process, so there is no raising of the print and it has a smoother feel then screen printed. Near photo quality images can be added to the lanyards with this method.

Embroidered/ Woven – both sides of the lace can be embroidered, this method uses flat polyester and leaves the lanyard with the feel of an embroidered polo top or similar.


The final thing to decide is which attachments you would like to add to your lanyards. There is a very wide choice of shapes and sizes of clips to attach your badges or ID cards; these are available in both metal and plastic and include egg shaped hooks, dog clips, strap clips and crocodile clips.


You then need to decide if you would like a plastic safety breakaway fitted, or perhaps a quick release snap buckle.

Once you have considered the above options we will be able to accurately quote you on the exact style you require. If you need help making any decisions on the above do give us a call and we would be happy to discuss further with you.

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