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23 November 2016

What is a powerbank? What is mAh? Why do I need one?

So what do powerbanks do, and why should you have one?

Put simply apowerbank is like a battery and can re-charge your phone or tablet device. Youcharge the powerbank from a power-outlet or your PC, and then this will storecharge throughout the day until you need to use it to re-charge your device.

PromotionalPowerbank mAh made simple.

Powerbanks come indifferent capacities, stated in mAh. The milliampere-hour (mAh) is a term used for how much electrical charge it holds. So obviously a 2200mAh will provide less charge than a 520mAh. The greater the mAh the longer running time or charge you will be able to give to your device.

Think fuel tank,where mAh indicates the size of the tank – the bigger the tank the further you’ll go.

A rough guide to the charging capabilities of a promotional power charger.

2200 mAh = 1 full smartphone charge

5200 mAh = 2 full smartphone charges

10,000 mAh = 4 full mobile charges or 1 full charge on a tablet.

Why are they useful?

When you are out and about for a long day and need to be using your phone or tablet a lot,whether for work or for pleasure, there is nothing worse than the screen going black just as that important phone call flashes up, or that perfect picture opportunity presents itself, or you just need to know what happens at the end of this week’s ‘Cat Fails’ video! With a powerbank to hand you can immediately re-charge and get on with the things most important to you.

Here at Corporate Gifts we offer a huge range of powerbanks in all sizes, shapes and colours. So we are sure to be able to find something suitable for your business.

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