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The latest HOT Products!

15 July 2016

What promotional items are popular at the moment?

VR Goggles!

It’s the year of virtual reality!View apps, games and videos in 3D using your phone!

NEW - Mint Twister!

Coolrefreshing mints in a fun new pot! Twist-it, Flick-it, Rock-it!!

Credit card style Power Banks!

No longer worry about your phone or tablet dying at that crucial moment at the end of along day! The credit card style power bank can fit neatly in your wallet and give you that vital boost of power to your phone when you need it most!

Re-useable Bags!

As you will be well aware you can no longer get free plastic bags anywhere these days. So providing your staff and clients with a re-useable bag for their shopping is a brilliant way to get your brand seen out and about on the high street!


They may seem boring, but umbrellas are a classic and will always be useful! And with the wide range of styles and colours available, including pantone matching, it is again a brilliant way to get your brand seen by large numbers of people out and about!

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