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The Power of Thank You with Personalised Confectionery

21 March 2017

In merchandising, as with many other areas of marketing, a great deal of effort is put into attracting new customers. However, times are changing as companies are now beginning to realise that branded products, confectionery in particular, can be used to make existing customers feel special too.

Research shows that 83% of customers would pay more for a product or service from a company who they felt put them first.

It has never been easier for a customer to switch between brands and, as a result of the increasingly fickle loyalty; brands are now investing more into the customer experience. Encouraging repeat business, brand affinity and referrals from happy customers is an effective way to drive more sales at an often lowercost than nurturing brand new prospects, which is one of the reasons why businesses are starting to pay more attention to making their customers feel good about their brand. With fierce competition at every corner, it makes sense to put customer care at the centre of all marketing efforts.

Awell-timed and genuine thank you can make a real impact on how a customer feels about your brand. It can reinforce why they buy from you, which in turn increases loyalty and, study after study shows that showing gratitude to customers can generate great word of mouth when your customers tell others about the gesture you made.

You know what else? Thanking your customers will give you that feel-good feeling too.

Who doesn’t like receiving a box of chocolates or tin of biscuits?

The reason thank you gestures work so well with confectionery is no surprise, after all, who doesn’t like receiving a box of chocolates or tin of biscuits as a thank you? Of course, anyone can deliver an off-the-shelf box of chocs. We at Corporate Gifts Online believe however that branded confectionery can make all the difference to a customer.

We are no strangers to the power of the thank you gesture in merchandising, where We’ve seen a growing number of companies using personalised confectionery to show customers their appreciation. What started with little bags of sweets sent with orders has now progressed to fully personalized confectionery both on the packaging and on the sweets themselves, thanks to some clever new tech that canprint logos and letters directly onto the confectionery.

Branded confectionery is multi impact. It tells the customer a message and shows them they’ve been singled out to receive a thank you made just for them. It gets people talking about your company and their experience with your brand, and it puts a smile on people’s faces.

If you’re worried about ‘staying power’, don’t!

There’s no doubt that branded confectionery delivers an instant hit as a thank you but some brands want a product that has greater longevity, which is why our Manufacturers & printers have invested as much into their packaging as they have done into the quality of confectionery they source.

With a range of keep sake tins that include calendar tins, London bus tins, pocket tins, biscuit tins, flip top tins and money box tins – all of which can be beautifully branded in full colour with logos, images and messages, there’s every reason why your customers would want to reuse and hang on to your gift’s packaging.

A friendly, unprovoked, non-salesy gesture gets people talking

Whether it be a tin of cookies or a ribboned box of sumptuous chocolates, thanking your customers with confectionery they can share will undoubtedly attract interest from others (unless your customer decided to scoff your gift in secret), which will put your brand in front of a wider audience.

It goes further than that, though. In today’s world of social media sharing and online reviews,if you make the effort to say thank you to a customer in the ‘real’ world witha tangible item, the chances are that your gesture and brand will turn up onFacebook, Instagram and Twitter – for all the right reasons – which will show the world how much you value your customers too.

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