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Why promotional products are an essential part of the Marketing Mix  logo

Why promotional products are an essential part of the Marketing Mix

13 March 2017

Why promotional Merchandise Is such an important part of your Marketing strategy!

In today’stechnology- intensive world, it’s increasingly hard for businesses to attractattention or to raise the profile of their brand. The vast majority of thetarget audience is now connected to the digital world in some way and it oftenfeels like many smartphone users rarely break their screen-gaze long enough tooffer the “real” world even a passing glance.

The digital spacetherefore would seem the natural choice for marketeers to invest incommunicating their ‘brands’ to these consumers. Each brand is looking for newand exciting ways to grab your attention and the resulting effect is a ‘brandbombardment’ with each one shouting their message to consumers.

However, thereality is that no one wants to be shouted at and so a state of ‘digitalblindness’ ensues where the consumers switch off to the noise these brands arecreating. Persistent offenders may even end up having a negative impact ontheir brand positioning as they may be perceived an irrelevant nuisance.

So the question ismore ‘how do you keep your brand swimming in an already saturated market’? Theanswer to this question lies with a challenge to marketeers to be more creativewith tried and tested mediums in the marketing mix and maximise the use ofpromotional products.


Promotionalproducts still offer a unique opportunity to get your company’s name out toyour target market — and keep it there. By employing promotional products aspart of an integrated campaign they are a brilliant and long lasting tool thatsubtlety reinforces the brand without the need for shouting! Creativity in theplanning stage allows promotional products like pens, pads and calendars to bereinvented for maximum impact and so why not become more strategic in the useof promotional products.

Companiestraditionally give paper based business cards to employees. These very samecompanies also then produce corporate pens which are distributed at events etcbut what about combining the two? A branded ‘business card’ pen with all thedetails you would expect to find on a card is a different twist to ensure thatthere is a genuine useful function to the traditional card! The pen, whilstoffering all the benefits of a business card, is constantly reinforcing thebrand each time it is used!

Or why not find away to tie in traditional promotional products with the latest digitaltechnologies? Desk top calendars are still widely used as effective gifts butwhy not add some real value and make them interactive?? By using an AugmentedReality app on a smartphone the ‘static’ calendar now becomes a monthly“trigger” which when scanned will deliver specific and targeted message to theend user.

Companies can offerdate-specific special offers or additional material (video content) to theusers which are only available for one month by scanning the specific calendarpage! Each calendar naturally can have 12 different messages which are onlyavailable in the current month. This is a simple but effective way ofreinforcing the value of the Promotional product ‘trigger’ and will encouragethe longevity of the product and brand value. Brands can then track theanalytics from the app to see how long the product is being used!

BPMA Research in 2013 supports this view and concluded that Promotional Products weremore than twice as likely to get the consumer to take action than any otheradvertising media including TV, online, print and direct mail and so by beingcreative and thinking differently we not only add real value to the brands butwe also get the answer to why promotional products are STILL an essential partof the marketing mix.

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