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Winter is going...Easter is Coming...

08 March 2017

Creative marketing ideas using promotional products!

Easter is only a few weeks away, which means that now is the right time to consider how you are going to use this time of year to promote your business using promotional Easter products.

We cannot forget the religious meaning of Easter but there is no doubt that the first thing most people think about is chocolate. For some reason, people see chocolate in a different light at this time of year, particularly when you consider that chocolate is available all year round. However, there is no doubt that Easter eggs and Easter confectionary certainly have a buzz of excitement around them. After all, they are only available for a fixed period of time and their packaging and designs are a lot more exciting than is usually seen.

Now that it is clear as to just how important Easter is to a lot of people, it is crucial to understand that it is the perfect opportunity to promote your business. This can be achieved in a number of ways but it works brilliantly when you incorporate chocolate as part of the campaign. It does not have to be a costly promotion either which means that you can have a wide choice of products to choose from that you can brand with your company logo. So, whether you have an event, large meeting or even want a different way in which you can get your business out there, promotional Easter products will make a difference.

When it comes to corporate gifts, other holidays are used to gain brand exposure such as Christmas. Almost all customers expect some kind of promotional gift at Christmas, yet they do not expect it during Easter and that is what can set your business apart from the rest.

As we have identified, the ideal Easter promotional gift is chocolate but it is more than a great product. This is because it is affordable, most people love chocolate and it can be designed in different shapes.

Therefore, you could create a big Easter egg hunt where you give away branded chocolate eggs such as a personalised Easter egg carton with six eggs. Perhaps, you could consider giving away personalised Lindt boxed Easter bunnies as a way of saying thank you to your employees or you may just want to reward old customers or new customers by giving them an Easter triangular Toblerone box. You can get ahead of the competition by reaching out to people using a wide range of promotional products.

As Spring starts to get under way, lift the spirits of people by giving them tasty, delicious chocolate as your promotional products and you will soon find that customer numbers will increase and customers will remain with you. In fact, to make your service even better, give some to your employees because it will definitely make them feel appreciated.

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