Artwork Specification

In order to help us expedite your order and achieve the best possible results, please note the following criteria, as the quality of the logo / design artwork submitted to us is directlyrelated to the quality, resolution and definition of the design of the finished product. This is a general brief relating in the main to conventional line printing. If your requirementis for a full colour process print, it is always advisable to contact us in advance for a full specification.

Pantone References

Please always specify Pantone References for all the colours required within the design; even on processes where one cannot match specific colours such as embroidery or engraving, a pantone colour is very useful in enabling us to achieve the closest possible colour match. Please use “U” - Uncoated pantone reference for designs printed onto fabric, but "C" Coated for all other items.

Bitmap graphics:
Most bitmap graphics are acceptable but the priority must be on quality. The image needs to be no less than 300 DPI (dots per inch). Please note unless the quality of the image is totally acceptable and usable without modification, studio costs may be incurred subject to the required adjustments to perfect the image for printing. If a multi-coloured design the artwork should be supplied either as 4 colour process (CMYK) or spot Pantone References accordingly.

Artwork Submissions – Email/Disc

To ensure the best quality of reproduction, artwork preferably should be sent as scale-able Vector Graphics. This may be sent to us via our e-mail address quoted at the bottom of this document.

Vector graphics:
The file will ideally be in Adobe Illustrator CS or below. Fonts should be converted to curves (outlines) to avoid font issues.


If fonts are not converted to curves, please supply MAC based truetype fonts with the artwork. If this is not possible then an alternative will be used to match as near as possible.

Studio Costs

The normal hourly rate is £45.00 +VAT, which is a highly competitive rate, being over half the normal cost when compared with other commercial studios.