How to save the world, one takeaway Coffee at a time

How to save the world, one takeaway Coffee at a time
The Promotional Merchandise Industry and the increased need for sustainable green products.

There is no denying that we are all increasingly concerned with our environment and most recently there has been a rise in demand for environmentally friendly products as a result of this. There has never been a more imperative time than now to make more conscious decisions with our day to day lives which is now prominent in the promotional merchandise industry.

We have seen an increase in the demand for “green” items from our Customers, and there are plenty of items that you can look into to help. There has always been a good range of recycled and recyclable promotional items available and with the recent saga to stamp out single used plastics the range is always advancing!



An obvious leader in the field but with an increased demand, this will spur on more styles and designs! From bamboo to collapsible there is something out there for everyone. During the recession we never sacrificed our obsession with visiting coffee shops for barista made coffees and now the demand is more popular than ever. Coffee shops, from your big brand favourites to your local heroes are offering incentives and driving a force to recycle and reuse the containers for our favourite drinks. There has never been a better time to look into branding some with your logo. Call over your Marketing Manager now and have a look at our top favourites:


We love this Mug, simply because it is so diverse. It boasts a huge range of lids, colours and body styles so you can really go to town on making this unique to your brand. Full Colour printing also available for the colour conscious and it is also suitable for microwave or dishwasher use!
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Yes this is just like the ‘Chilly’ Bottle you may have seen on the high street, and it does the same thing, it will keep your drink cold or hot for longer! We can flash print this one too so just like with ‘Chilly’ bottles your design limitations are endless! They are practical as well and fashionable. A top choice of branded giveaway amongst our Clients and highly recommended by us!
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This is a great product for the space wary receiver, the perfect Gift for someone on the go! As this is useful and practical you will be sure to impress with a printed collapsible cup, this is the kind of Gift that will be used and appreciated meaning your brand will be remembered! Suitable for hot and cold drinks, easy to hold and eco friendly this one ticks all the boxes!
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Ecoffe Cup® is a registered trademark design so you may have heard of it? Why not offer it to your Clients but branded with your logo. A fashionable premium item that is made solely from recycled bamboo and available in a vast range of funky textiles this is sure to hit the mark and with three size options we are confident this will fulfil most Project briefs and look fabulous with your logo.
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There are plenty of other everyday items that make great useful gifts for Clients, branded with your logo of course! We are making it easier now to be eco friendly with our growing range of eco items. Think of this way, if you are giving a gift with the intention of it being reused by your Client or Customer then your brand or logo is getting reused as well so it pays from a Marketing perspective to be more environmentally conscious. Here are some great ideas to get you started:


After a poignant message from David Attenborough about the damage single used plastics are having on our Oceans we are all become more aware. The first item on this hit list is the Plastic Straw! With most establishments now swapping plastic for recyclable paper, it’s these small changes that will make a big difference. Get ahead of the game and do your bit with a reusable stainless steel drinking straw! This one is sure to impress
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A practical favourite within Promotional Merchandise. Notebooks are one of our top sellers and make a great branded giveaway. Why not add your logo to one of our eco friendly versions made from recycled material
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Just like with the Notebook, a USB is a firm favourite giveaway or gift but did you know we also offer eco friendly models? Wood items look lovely engraved as well so you can really impress with a gift like this.
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Confectionery is such a sweet gift to give. Clients love to receive something edible and yummy! We now offer delights such as Jelly Beans, Millions or Skittles in a self compostable eco pot! No damage done to the environment!
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We really have scraped the surface of the ice berg with some of the wonderful gift solutions we have on offer for the eco conscious! We really hope you have been inspired by this article for your next eco-friendly Project! As always, our enthusiastic Team is on hand ready to take on your Project Briefs so please do not hesitate to contact us further!
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